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Mack Cycle family celebrates a quarter-century of service for this employee

by Julian Buitrago 07 Jun 2019 0 Comments

Miami’s cycling community is a close-knit one, especially at Mack Cycle and Fitness on Sunset Drive. So when it came time to honor one of their own, for 25 years of dedication, the party was special.

Pretty much everyone knows Georgia Johnson at the flagship store. She answers the phone and is one of the first people to greet you when you walk in the door.

“She’s the first smile people see when they come into the store,” said Sandy Losada, the youngest member of the Mack Cycle family. “She’s known by all of our customers and by our local community. She is one of the main reasons why our store feels like a home.”

Johnson, born and raised in Miami, is the sister of former MLB All-Star Andre Dawson. She began her career at Mack Cycle on May 25, 1994, after striking up a friendship with the bike shop’s owners, Mary Jane Mark and Mark Losada, at her previous place of employment.

Mary Jane Mark decided to recruit her for a position at the store and since then, Johnson has been a fixture at the company and in the cycling community.

“She considers cycling as a key component to her active lifestyle, regularly taking part in group-rides and major cycling events in South Florida,” Mary Jane Mark said.


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