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SERF RX WMN SF Glove - Blue
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Serfas Air Force Tier 2 Bike Pump - Black
Looking for a great value for a bike floor pump.  Look no further than the Serfas Air Force Tier Two Bike Pump. Ergonomic Handle 2.5" Analog Pressure Gauge (PSI/BAR) Simple Valve Smart Head (Presta/Schrader) All Metal Barrel and Base Integrated...
Serfas BMP-SP Hybrid Saddle Pad - Black
The Serfas BMP-SP Hybrid Saddle Pad features a deep groove design for improved anatomical relief and blood flow, friction-free gel, and four-way stretch moisture-wicking Lycra. Features: Figure-8 Drawstring Design For A Secure Fit Deep Groove™ For Increased Blood Flow 30%...
Serfas Cell Phone Top Tube Bag
Keeps Your Belongings and Mobile Device At Convenient Reach and Within View Easily Keep An Eye On Mobile Notifications and GPS Map Guidance Touch Screen Compatible Mobile Device Sleeve 1.7L Capacity Zippered Storage Compartment Universal 3-Strap Mounting System Replaceable Cover...
Serfas CL-15 Combo Coiled Lock w/ Bracket
The Serfas® CL-15 Combo Coiled Cable Lock w/ Bracket features a 4-Digit programmable combination lock and 15mm thick twisted steel coiled cable, covered in a protective vinyl rubber to prevent frame scratches and rattling.  At a little over 1 1/2 pounds,...
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Elastomer Rear Suspension w/ Lycra Cover
Serfas E-Lume 1200 Headlight
The Serfas E-Lume 1200 Headlight was developed to be the best on the market at the very best value. The Serfas E-Lume 1200 headlight will meet and exceed their expected lumen output while offering you all the features you’ve come...
Serfas ESC-350 E-Lume Combo Bike Light Set
The Serfas ESC-350 Combo Light set USL-350/UTL-15 is a great value for a bike light combo set.  For the price, the Serfas ESC-350 Combo light set is one of the best values for a bike light combo set.   Daytime Flash...
Serfas ESC-605 E-Lume Combo Bike Light Set
The Serfas ESC-605 E-Lume Combo Bike Light set is a great bike light combo set that will allow you to ride in the early morning hours or the darker night-time hours.  The Serfas ESC-605 E-Lume Combo is comprised of the USL-605...
Serfas KL-15 Keyed & Coiled Cable Lock
The Serfas KL-15 Keyed & Coiled Cable Lock features a self-coiling design with keyed entry. 15mm Thick Twisted Steel Cable. Features: Twisted Steel Cable Self-Coiling With Keyed Entry Co-Molded Rubber Lock Assembly Vinyl Coated For Frame Protection Specs: Cable Length:...
Serfas Meo Deputy City Bike Tire - 26 x 1.95
The Serfas® Meo Deputy City Tires are covered by a 30 Day Warranty which guarantees a product free of defects in material and/or workmanship up to 30 days after purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat,...
Serfas MP-2N1 2-in-1 Mini Pump - Grey/Black
The versatile Serfas MP-2N1 2-in-1 Mini Pump can be used to pump up your tires or your shock. It uses a dual action motion to make it easy to pump in higher volumes or higher pressures. An anodized bleeder valve...
Serfas Scorpius 130 Bicycle Tail Light
RIDE SAFELY: 30 Flashing Red LEDs Makes You Visible Day Or Night 3 Solid Red LED Modes And 4 Flashing Modes Safe EASY INSTALLATION: Two sizes of elastic O rings or the saddle rail mount option provide you the flexilibity...
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