Cannondale KnurlTack Handle Bar Tape - White
More comfort, more control. The Cannondale KnurlTack Handle Bar Tape is constructed with advanced three-part construction that is used to create a supple, durable tape with excellent vibration damping properties and a tacky all-weather finish.  The Cannondale KnurlTack Handle Bar...
Arundel Rubber Gecko Handlebar Tape - Black
Arundel Rubber Gecko Handle Bar Tape is a cushy bar tape made with foam and an outer layer of natural rubber. Arundel Rubber Gecko bar tape offers a soft tactile grip with a bit of give to it.  Arundel Rubber Gecko...
Blackburn Cinch Handlebar Tape - Black
Maintain complete control of your bike of choice when using Blackburn Cinch Handlebar Tape as the link between you and your handlebars.  The Blackburn Cinch Handlebar Tape will allow you to maintain an incredible grip on your handlebars by keeping...
Cannondale Knurl Cork Handlebar Tape - CamoGreen
More comfort, more control. Cannondale Knurl Cork Handlebar tape is a lightweight EVA foam and cork combine with a contemporary knurled texture twist – offering a stylish, comfortable, and durable finish to your bike.   Highlights Comfortable, lightweight EVA foam absorbs...
Cannondale SuedeCush Bicycle Handlebar Tape
More comfort, more control. Superlight and durable, and optimized for vibration absorption using EVA foam and QuellGel Silicone, Cannondale SuedeCush Bicycle Handlebar Tape is the perfect all-day handlebar tape.  The Cannondale SuedeCush Bicycle Handlebar Tape thrives when riding on the open...
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