Mack Cyclist Ambassador Application

Join the Home Team.

The "Mack Cyclists" are a motivated group of cyclists that want to inspire others to accomplish personal goals and to grow awareness for the cycling community. On any given day, you can find an Ambassador giving advice to a newbie, leading the pack on the group ride, volunteering at local events or answering questions from other cyclists online.

Have what it takes to be a Mack Cyclist?

The Characteristics


Charismatic, outgoing personality with the ability to spread the word about Mack Cycle in their local cycling community. Active on social media to help us spread the word about products and events


Participates in their local cycling rides and events. Members of cycling, mtb, triathlon, gravel, commuter or ebike community. Open to anyone training or racing at ANY level.


Possess an entrepreneurial spirit with a creative mind to bring new ideas and content to the table.

The Responsibilities

Live The Brand

Represent Mack Cycle in your local community by posting on social media and wearing your favorite Mack kit to your group rides.

Marketing & Sales

Establish relationships with other cyclists to generate website purchases for bicycles, kits and gear.


Connect with the Mack Cycle team with questions, referrals and ideas.

The Outcome


Discounted bike fits, cycling purchases and race entries throughout the year!


Connect with Ambassadors all over the U.S.A. via an exclusive Facebook page and a private Strava Club!


Improve your cycling knowledge!