Shimano EF202 Flat Bike Pedal - Blue
For casual riding, SHIMANO's PD-EF202 flat pedals feature a wide aluminum body and textured surface for a stable pedaling platform. Designed to use with casual shoes, the Shimano PD-EF202 flat bike pedals are durable pedals that are ideal for sporty...
WAHOO Speedplay COMP Pedals
The exceptional comfort and versatility of the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY COMP road pedal derives from its confidence-inspiring and stable platform, offering both value and performance mile after mile for cyclists of all levels. The Wahoo Speedplay comp pedal provides precise engagement,...
Look Geo Trekking Hybrid Pedal
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT? THE CITY IS YOUR NEW PLAYGROUND Simple, yet highly efficient. The Look GEO TREKKING PEDAL is Look's two-sided commuter option, allowing you to choose between a ride to work or a quick training session. A simple...
Shimano SPD-SL Road Cycling Cleats - Yellow
The SPD-SL pedal system delivers a seamless shoe + pedal interface for more efficient power transfer under extreme pedaling loads, with a wide cleat design for stability on or off the bike. Shimano SPD-SL Road Cycling cleats are compatible with...
WAHOO Speedplay ZERO Road Pedal
Built to take on anything, the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY ZERO road pedal is uniquely qualified to withstand the demands of everything from all-out racing to the epic grind of a double-century. The stainless steel pedal and integrated cleat system offer peak...
Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Road Cycling Pedal
The Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Road Cycling pedal provides pro-level performance for pros as well as for everyday cycling enthusiasts.  At 248grams, these lightweight Shimano Ultegra pedals will be a welcome component to your road cycling bike! Average weight - 248...
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Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Platform Cycling Pedals - Black
Optimal surface area Minimal profile 13mm thin 9 hex traction pins per side Premium bearings & seal system Stamp small recommended for shoe sizes: 5-10 (us) // 37-43 (eu) Stamp large recommended for shoe sizes: 10-15 (us) // 43-49 (eu)...
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Garmin Rally™ RS200 Dual-sensing Power Meter Pedals
BRING POWER TO YOUR PEDALS The Garmin Rally RS200 is tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. The Garmin Rally RS200 dual-sensing power meter pedals deliver reliable power measurements and is easy to transfer between bikes no...
Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Mountain Bike Pedal
The Crank Brothers Stamp 3 mountain bike pedal is a size specific magnesium platform pedal that provides optimal shoe/pedal interface.   Details Magnesium pedal body for weight reduction Optimal surface area  Minimal body profile - 16mm thin Concave pin profile...
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Look Keo Classic 3 Road Cycling Pedals
Discover the world of clipless pedals with the Look KEO CLASSIC 3 pedals. With easily-adjustable tension, clipping in and out becomes child's play. As soon as you have got the hang of it during your first rides, you will be...
Garmin Rally™ RK200 Dual-Sensing Power Meter Pedals
BRING POWER TO YOUR PEDALS The Garmin Rally™ RK200 power meter pedals are tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. The Garmin Rally™ RK200 is a dual-sensing power meter that delivers reliable power measurements and is easy to...
Garmin Rally™ RS100 Single-sensing Power Meter Pedals
BRING POWER TO YOUR PEDALS Garmin Rally™ RS100 is tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. The Garmin Rally™ RS100 single-sensing power meter pedals deliver reliable power measurements and is easy to transfer between bikes no matter...
WAHOO Speedplay NANO Pedals
Dynamic Breakaway Speed. The SPEEDPLAY NANO racing bike pedals are a featherweight, dual-sided road bike pedals that live up to the demands of sprint finishes, categorized climbs, and tough training sessions. The mix of premium titanium and carbon fiber materials...
Look Geo Trekking Grip Hybrid Pedal
The Look GEO TREKKING GRIP pedals are commuter pedals. One side has an SPD-compatible mechanism, the other side has a flat pedal with an elastomer grip for safe riding in any conditions. No need to change pedals when you are heading...
Garmin Vector Replacement Cycling Cleats - Grey
Don't let pedal issues keep you from training. This replacement pair of anti-slip Garmin Vector LOOK Kéo-compatible cleats with 6 degree or 0 degree float (depending on the version selected) will keep your Vector pedals turning and your training on...
Look Keo Grip Road Cycling Cleats - Black
Look Keo Grip Road Cycling Cleats are the recommended cleats for usage with Look Road Cycling pedals.  These cleats come in three float options (0°/ 4,5° / 9°) .   Anti-slip Large contact surface area Position memory 3 float options (0°/ 4,5° /...
Look Geo Trekking Vision Hybrid Pedal
The Look GEO TREKKING VISION hybrid pedal is the ultimate commuter pedal. The Look Geo Trekking Vision pedal has Two different sides: one flat suitable for any shoes, and the other SPD-compatible for when you take things up a level....
Garmin Vector 3 Pedals with Cycling Dynamics
  Up Your Game Ride stronger, smarter, connected with the Vector 3 pedal-based power meter. As you strive to beat your personal best on your next race or Gran Fondo, power is the most reliable way to gauge your performance...
Look Keo Classic 3 Plus Road Cycling Pedals
What is the difference between a Look KEO CLASSIC 3 and a KEO CLASSIC 3 PLUS? The material used for the contact area. The little extra, stainless steel rather than composite, optimizes pedal stiffness and hence the transfer of power...
Look Delta Spinning Cleats - Red
9 degree float Road compatible - yes Peloton pedal compatible - yes
Crank Brothers Candy 1 Cycling Pedal - Black
The Crank Brothers Candy 1 Cycling Pedal is the most versatile pedal in Crank Brothers' line of pedals. Lightweight composite body Stamped steel wings Ribbed body for better traction when unclipped 4-sided entry / superior mud shedding Customizable float &...
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