Family Bike trip to Lake Kissimmee State Park


Are you tired of hearing the word virus or COVID? I have the perfect solution for anyone needing to get away when there’s really nowhere to go! Get on your bike and don’t look back! That’s exactly what my wife, two kids, and I did last month. We packed up the camper with our 4 Mack bikes and headed for Lake Kissimmee State Park.

After a short 3 hour drive, we arrived at the park ready to spend the next 5 days exploring. The park ranger provided us with a map full of trails we could walk or bike on, as well as the best spots for seeing wildlife. My son and I picked our first trail, “Gobbler Ridge Loop” that took us on a 3-mile bike trail through the scrub to Lake Kissimmee. Along the way, we spotted wild turkey, a woodpecker, and some other native birds, as well as a few deer that weren’t phased by us at all. The highlight of the bike ride was watching a bobcat cross the trail right in front of us. When we mentioned it to the ranger later that day he calmly stated that they were known to be around the park and not much of a threat! My son couldn’t believe our luck.

Over the next several days my family and I rode the 7 miles “Buster Island Loop” and the 6 ½ miles “North Loop” where we saw countless deer, beautiful scenery, and a bald eagle soaring right over us one morning. One of the days we decided to rent a pontoon and enjoy some quality family time on the lake. Also, we enjoyed riding to the observation tower on most afternoons so that we could get a great view of the park and Lake Kissimmee. 

It took just a little bit of planning and shopping for food ahead of time, but once we got to our destination, the park provided all the entertainment. We spent every day making breakfast and heading out on a bike ride, and every afternoon after lunch we would head back out to see what other trails we could explore. Sometimes it was hot as hell but once we got deep in the woods the trees provided the perfect relief from the sun and a breeze to cool us off.

Whether you decide to hit one of our beautiful Florida State Parks for a day or a few days like us, taking your bike is key to exploring and having an amazing time. We’ve all been through our own hardships during this uncertain and scary time, but one thing this virus has provided is a little more family time. Take advantage of it. Get out there! Enjoy it! Happy trails and don’t forget your helmet!

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