Juicing My Ride


I’ve been a commuter cyclist for twenty years plus, giving up my Jeep Cherokee for my two wheel companion and relying on pedal power to get me around. 

That was among the better decisions in my life: cycling is stress free in comparison to sitting in US1 traffic or any of our grid-locked streets.  You get to feel and smell the early morning air not confined in a car with the windows rolled up.

At Mack Cycle, I was offered to test ride an e-bike over a weekend some many months ago.  It was an exciting ride, and even more so when I had to move fast to beat an approaching downpour.  However I held off on committing to purchase an e-bike: would I be getting as much cardio exercise?; the bike was bulky and heavy; I was concerned about the safety of the acceleration, and some friends expressed their concerns as well.

I put off my decision and kept riding my Cannondale Adventure; over the years I’ve enjoyed the hybrid bikes which meet my commuting and recreational needs.

My birthday was coming up and having an arthritic knee prompted a further look for a “here’s to your good health” birthday present. Of the three e-bikes I test road, it was not bulky or heavy and handled wonderfully well with wide tires.

So what about my cardio-exercise?  I believe I’m getting a similar benefit in riding the bike, and I relieve pressure on my knee.  As far as safety concerns, you always have to be careful and watchful; pedal assist acceleration is the name of the game.  Over these few months since my birthday present, it’s been an awesome ride, and as I’ve said many times over to the staff at Mack Cycle: “I love my e-bike.”

- John Edward Smith


Photo: SOMI Magazine publisher John Edward Smith meeting up with Friends of the Underline founder Meg Daly at Cecile Bakery to discuss plans for the South Miami phase of The Underline.   Cannondale Treadwell in foreground.

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