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DCC with me! Meet the owner of Mack Cycle

by Anna Degobbi 22 Nov 2019 0 Comments
Team Hurricanes Mack Cycle has participated in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) for 10 years. As the owner of Mack Cycle, Mary Jane Mark shares what the DCC means to her and her family.

Mary Jane Mark, president of Mack Cycle and University of Miami alumna, explains why the DCC is important to her, and why she has partnered with and participated in the DCC since its inception.

Register for the DCC on Feb. 29—or donate to the cause—and help Sylvester find new and innovative ways to treat cancer for patients in South Florida, and beyond.

Learn more and register now or register in-person beginning next week at the following days and locations from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Dec. 4: Coral Gables Well 'Canes Market at the Foote Green
  • Dec. 5: Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Lobby
  • Dec. 10: Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Lobby
  • Dec. 11: Coral Gables Well 'Canes Market at the Foote Green
  • Dec. 18: Coral Gables Well 'Canes Market at the Foote Green
  • Dec. 19: Miller School of Medicine Well 'Canes Market at the Fred Cowell Mall (near Calder Library)

Click the button below to select your team based on your campus affiliation and use promo code teamhurricanes100 for free registration.

register now 

 Join today.

Learn more at, and use promo code teamhurricanes100 for free registration.

For any questions regarding registration or employee incentives, please contact

We look forward to your support.

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