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Importance of Bike Fit

by MACK Ambassador 22 Jul 2020 0 Comments
I’ve been riding for almost (2) years now. Once, I invested in a good bike, I decided that it would be beneficial to get a professional bike fit done. Not just one of those simple bike fit at your regular bike shop.
I wanted to get a bike fit with a professional that would provide insight and knowledge as to why I have certain discomfort and pain when riding. That is when I heard about Mack Cycle and their expertise in bike fitting. Before going in for a bike fit, I can tell you that there was not a ride that I didn’t come from where my entire body was not aching.
That is when I decided to quickly invest in getting a professional bike fit done. Oh my god, was that the best investment I ever made on my bike.
I got the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Chris, who was beyond amazing. His personality and eagerness to want to assist this rookie cyclist was exceptional. He took the time to study my cycling habit and was extremely informative as to why I needed to change some of the components on my bike.
For example, he noticed that my cleats on my cycling shoes were not aligned correctly. He took the time to study my feet and positioned the cleats perfectly to remove unnecessary pressure from my feet. He also noticed that the original crank arm that came with my bike were not the perfect fit based on my height and dimensions.
These little things make a big difference and we're causing most of the discomfort on my knees. He recommended a smaller crankarm, which would provide relief on my knees.
The additional investment I had to make on my bike was worth every penny. The results from the bike fit have allowed me to enjoy every cycling ride pain-free. These little investments goes a long way, especially for those cyclists enthusiast that enjoy riding for a long period.
A bike fit truly makes a difference!

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