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Dora Suarez - Leader in the Gravel Community

by Diego Ferradas 17 Sep 2022 0 Comments


What is Rooted Vermont Women's Clinic about?

"The clinic provides participants with knowledge and basic skills on and off the bike so they can return home with ideas that they can apply within an existing community or create one if lacking in their town. The focus is to create groups and communities that welcome ALL WOMEN & help bring diversity and inclusion into the sport of cycling especially for riders who may feel excluded or threatened because they are BIPOC or LGBTQ. We are fortunate in Miami to have a diversified community."

How and why did you get involved with the event?

"I originally learned about the clinic and applied in 2021 as I was forming Dora & the Graveling Explorers and wasn’t sure if or how to proceed. I never expected to get selected but I was. After my experience at the clinic, I started using some of my newfound knowledge to grow the group and was asked to return this year in a mentorship role. I was one of three women who led a panel on "How To Start Your Own Community." I co-led a skills session on group paceline skills, was one of several ride leaders and also co-led a session on traveling with your bike."

What are you most proud of about the event?

"I am proud of having had the courage to step out of my comfort zone to have applied to the clinic as it has fostered so many new relationships, opportunities and friendships."

Thank you Dora for repping Mack Cycle in Vermont and helping out in the gravel community! We are proud of you!

Learn more about the event here -

Follow Dora on Instagram here -

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