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TJ Zegarelli - Newly established Ironman

by Diego Ferradas 17 Sep 2022 0 Comments



Every story has a beginning. Why and how did you get into triathlon?

"During the early months of pandemic, I got into running a lot. After I got Covid in March of 2021, I started to do some swimming and biking on the Peloton to slowly ease myself back into exercising. From there, I ran my first marathon, bought a bike and committed to spending more time in the pool. After 3 months, I did my first sprint triathlon and I was hooked!" 

Why did you pick Maine 70.3 as your first half Ironman race?

"I’m originally from the Boston, MA area and when I saw the date of IM 70.3 Maine I knew I wanted to do it (exactly 1 year after my first sprint triathlon). Maine is beautiful this time of year and it was great to see my family and friends when I was home before and after the race. Plus the swim is in a river, thank god!"

Give us a bit of insight as to what went on inside your head during the competition and how you keep yourself going.

"I love training both in the gym and out in the pool or on the road/track so I just tried to treat the race like any other session and enjoy it like I do any other training day."



What was the hardest part of the race?

"I’m a terrible swimmer so I’d always say the swim but I PR’ed my fastest swim pace for the race so I guess the run was the most challenging."

What did you enjoy the most about your race weekend?

"Being able to relax and hangout before and after the race with my family and friends and take some time off from work was awesome. Being up in Maine (in the woods!) was great for disconnecting for a few days!"


When's your next race?

"Next races are the Newport Olympic Triathlon in Rhode Island in September, Miami Beach Half Marathon in October and then Miami Man 70.3 in November!"

What would you say to someone who is interested in triathlon but hasn't jumped in yet?

"If you’re interested in triathlons because maybe you’re a cyclist or a runner or even just a swimmer, I would challenge you to think about stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you’re good at one modality, use training for the other two as an opportunity to better your overall fitness. As someone who was never a swimmer, biker or runner I’ve loved learning about each and improving with every training session!"


Thank you TJ for repping Mack Cycle in Maine! We are proud of you!



Follow TJ on Instagram here -

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