No matter where you go, have a great time and ride safely!


Hey Mack Pack!

As a coffee-loving cyclist, my morning ride group already knows my favorite 6 am saying. "No Coffee, No Pedal!" Yes, it's true. Although I'm a triathlete and I enjoy training... when I get together with my cycling friends, my favorite part of the ride is the coffee stop! During these breaks, we sit and talk together over a cortadito and a snack like pan de bono. Coffee stops are where I've become friends with some of the best people on the planet.

So what exactly constitutes a great cycling coffee spot? Check out the five classic look fors below when choosing your next coffee ride stop.

Quick Quality Service: Where ever you stop should have excellent case food items that are ready to go and obviously... delicious fresh coffee!

Outdoor Seating: After riding a few miles, it feels great to sit down and relax! Outdoor seating is a great way to keep your bike close, cool down, and rest while you enjoy your coffee stop.

Large Glass Windows/Doors: No matter what bike you own, no one wants to have their precious mode of transportation stolen! Make sure there is a clean line of sight between you and your bike at all times or bring a lock!

Water: This seems like a no brainer right? Every place has water. Although this is true, the best coffee stops are places that put water coolers outside for cyclists to refill their bottles or places with baristas that don't mind topping off your water bottle before you hit the road again.

Accessible bathrooms: This is arguably the most important! Remember, you may be wearing cycling shoes which makes walking indoors somewhat slippery, so the closer the bathrooms are to the outside of the building, the better! Walk slowly and watch your step, avoiding crashes is essential whether you're on two legs or two wheels!

If you're looking for ideas for great Miami coffee spots, send me a DM via Instagram @ecernudatri. I'd be happy to share my favorite cycling coffee stops!

No matter where you go, have a great time, and ride safely!

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