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Matchmaker Mack

by MACK Ambassador 01 Aug 2020 0 Comments
It’s seldom easy to find the perfect match. “Fiddler On The Roof” had the Matchmaker named Yenta. “Harry Potter” had the Sorting Hat. Fortunately, bike riders like us have “Mack Cycle and Fitness” to help us find the perfect match.
About seven years ago my lower back was trying to convince me to give up Tennis. I ran into a pal that was an avid cyclist and he suggested I take up the sport. I looked for a starter bike and found a wonderful aluminum Cannondale CAAD-9. I was told it was legendary for being crash-proof. Little did I know I would put it to the test on more than one occasion.
Together we had many great riding adventures and met plenty of folks that have since become friends. We discovered much of South Florida and even took train trips to Delray, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach, where we rode to Port Salerno for the weekend with friends. Even rode a few 60 mile round tip sunrise rides to Fort Pierce.
For a while, I was thinking it might be time to take my riding to the next level. So I decided to see if I could find a good home for my bike. I posted a For Sale ad in Craigslist and much to my surprise the result was three offers on the same day. The fortunate new caretaker was to be a young National Guardsman from Gainesville, that was temporarily serving on Miami Beach. I had not wanted to sell my bike so soon, since I had no replacement. But it was his only day off,  so I sadly agreed to say goodby and send it on its new journey. It was his first started bike and I was glad to instruct him on its operation and maintenance. I threw in a helmet and a Mack Jersey. We have remained in touch and from time to time he sends me photos of his cycling adventures.
I informed Mary Jane about my dilemma. That I needed a bike ASAP. I requested a 54 cm, affordability, not black, Ultegra, rim breakers, a comfortable saddle, and flat handlebars.  She suggested I come by to have the use of a loaner over the weekend. I immediately hopped on the MetroRail and headed to Mack.
I arrived and was very surprised to see the impressive bike she generously offered to lend me for the weekend. It was a stunning Pinarello Prince, black and white, with Ultegra Di2 electronic shifters, disc breaks, flat handlebars, and impressive carbon wheels. I knew it was beyond my budget and riding skills, but I rode off with it and had a huge smile on my face.
The weekend went by all too quickly and it was time to return the Pinarello to Mack. By now I was spoiled with this amazing bike’s design, lightness, speed, response, and comfort. Needless to say, I showed off this “Work of Art and its Di2 Shifting to all my cycling pals. I just wished I could have afforded it.
I thanked Mary Jane and requested that she please find me something within my budget ASAP.  She said she would. A few days later I was invited to see the results of her quest. She said something special was just assembled and she thought it might be perfect for me.
As a result of Covid-19 Mack is doing their best to satisfy the high demand for bikes. Customers are ordering and picking them up in the back of the parking lot. I was anxiously awaiting my turn to see what bike Mary Jane thought would be a “Good Match” for me. The back door opened and Luis comes out to push a stunner on the rear wheel in an upright position.
You know the feeling when you first see that one puppy at the rescue center and you know it’s going home with you? It was “Love At First Sight” as soon as I saw that orange handlebar tape attached to that Pinarello Prince in white with a matching orange accent on the saddle post.  That bike clicked all the boxes I desired and more. It was even at a price that I could budget.
The moral to this story is that from time to time we can all use a little help in finding our “Perfect Match”. Mary Jane and her Mack staff are the “Match Makers” and “Sorting Hats” for cyclists.
Harry Emilio Gottlieb
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