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Trail-a-bike, perfect solution with an energetic 8 yr old

by Julian Buitrago 01 Aug 2020 0 Comments
As Covid-19 started to change the way we live our lives, we quickly realized our weekends and free time would be temporarily changed. Having an energetic 8yr old this was stressful to think about. What are we going to do with this kid at home all day, every day? Being part of the cycling community, we wanted to take advantage of the less trafficked roads and just ride. But the boy is not confident on his bike just yet and we didn’t feel safe him tagging along on his own. After some research, I called Sandy at Mack and had a trail-a-bike delivered.
The trail-a-bike has allowed us to share the joy of riding with our son. Being a gamer and iPad junkie, he’s not always a willing participant. But when we spot a gator basking in the sun or manatees feeding on some seaweed his face lights up and all the whining stops for a moment.
We’ve really enjoyed our trail-a-bike. It’s allowed us to finally have family bike rides around town and adventures in the Everglades surrounding South Florida. It’s helped with his balance, which will hopefully help with his solo cycling skills. Also, it’s fun to see people’s looks when they see this tandem bike go by. We’ve been asked whether it’s a custom bike and where we got it. A few friends have gotten other models/brands and I must say ours is the easiest to install and most stable we’ve seen yet.
This COVID purchase has one of the best investments we’ve made in ensuring our digitally addicted kid gets some much-needed vitamin D and a good dose of fresh air.
Stay tuned for more adventures in trail-a-bike.
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